Thursday, March 12, 2015

Low self-esteemed people are found to be more realistic

I was reading a great research on why people with low self-esteem tend to be more realistic about business goals and life in general and end up achieving a lot more than this. I guess the term over-achiever to impress everyone around us would be beneficial when you are trying to become street smart and make money. So, don't worry low self-esteemed people,  you are doing a lot better than you can comprehend.

Blog worth calculator

This blog is worth $0.16 according to blog worth calculator. The real value of this blog is not in money, but what everyone learns from here and then uses it in their real life. How much value it adds to your life is more important than the dollar value of this blog. Yes, the advertising revenue would help if it was higher than $0.00, but originally I didn't start writing for money, but for pleasure.

And since the intention was just pleasure of putting my opinions out there for people to criticize, evaluate and learn from is what this is all about. I personally need to learn a lot as well from everyone who visits these pages. 

Power of knowledgeable books

Just a one liner quote, or a positive article, or a divinely inspired message can change your life perspective in a few seconds. I believe your life perspective can change easily, but it takes longer to change your life and implement your new perspective. This is the power of knowledgeable books and applying them.

So, make sure to get a lot of knowledge before you hit the grave, because you don't want to miss out on some great pieces of advice by some of the finest human beings to live on this planet. Take care and stay blessed.

Online casino bonus scam

If you deposit $50 into some casinos with a bonus code, there are terms and conditions that you can only withdraw after you have received bonus scam. This is a huge scam online casinos use because most people don't read terms and conditions to every detail. You have to do around 5,000 spins or 500 spins depending on bonus conditions, and whoever came out a winner after that many spins?

I suggest spend that $50 on a nice restaurant. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

5 pages that you need to sign up for knowledge and wisdom






Waiting for Magic to happen or making it happen

Did you know according to World's biggest religions we have free will? That is a gift of God to humanity and even though he is all knowing and almighty. We have the power of free will in choosing right and wrong things. If you seek knowledge, and keep trying to improve yourself by reading blogs similar to this one and other knowledgeable websites then you have a great chance of feeling Magic in your life on regular basis.

Start on your own to make it happen and don't wait for someone to make it happen! Keep smiling!

Falsehood of "Nothing comes for free"

There is a saying that at times made me feel low that nothing in life comes for free, and you have to work for everything. If we look around business opportunities, people, and the general society, this is not necessarily true.

Most of us are born with parents who are a great source of wisdom and life lessons to begin our life with. Then we are put into a school with free education (If you live in Canada, and other developed countries). If not free education, there are many blogs on the Internet such as this one which doesn't charge a single cent for knowledge and information to build your life. You really need to have faith and belief that this life will turn out to be good.

Internet doesn't cost much in most countries, and using Internet and information from sites you can turn in a decent profit from many sources if you are willing to put in the time and the effort.

Most basic things are provided naturally if you look carefully around you, so you can definitely make some money out of nothing and make it big in life if you have hard work, perseverance, positivity, luck and blessings of God.

Lessons to learn from Shahrukh Khan

The celebrity with the largest number of followers in the World is a person named Shahrukh Khan of India who is a BollyWood actor, stage dancer, model and a businessman. No one can look deep inside him and say that he is the happiest person ever, but he surely has been able to gain a lot of popularity, wealth and maintain it for a long period of time. There are some of his religious values of marrying a Hindu which many people feel can cause conflict in the society. But there are still lessons to be learned from a famous celebrity.

1. He is updated with knowledge. Like me and many of the people reading this blog, Shahrukh Khan likes to update himself with new technologies like Twitter, networking, etc.

2. Strong work ethic- With a large following and a tough schedule, it is inevitable that he has to have some kind of a work ethic and he shows that by the amount of wealth he spends and the number of celebrities that are willing to do things for him.

3. Emotional Intelligence- Shahrukh Khan knows what people are feeling, and is very diplomatic in his ways of dealing with people. There have been incidents of him being arrogant, selfish and mean, but at the end of the day he is nice to his family and apologizes on Media about the wrongdoings.

4. Charity- We don't associate Shahrukh Khan with many charities, but in various interviews he has stated that he does pay Charity but doesn't want media attention for that and likes to maintain the macho-man image.

5. Confidence and self-belief- I believe wherever there is grandeur, and an effective use of resources, there is a lot of confidence and self-belief and faith in the Creator that he has made us to live successfully on this planet. A lot of his movies provide audience with love, romance, humor, and many great things which show his self-belief and faith.

Monday, May 12, 2014

World Cup Winning Captain - Power of Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the most successful Indian Cricket team on paper. This is the biggest asset he has by now and that is why he continues to dominate the world of Cricket. There are so many lessons to learn form this great man, that he is like an encyclopedia of his own. These are the things I believe we can learn from Dhoni and become Street Smart in our own lives.

1. Intelligent Risk Taking.
2. Strong built and fitness.
3. Staying calm no matter what situation he has to face.
4. Having a winning attitude and trying best every time.

Calmness, calmness, calmness! is what he screams through his Captaincy of a World-Cup winning team.

Street Smart Lessons to learn from the Legendary Donald Bradman

Donald Bradman has the highest averages in the history of Cricketing World. There are many things about this character that you may not know and can learn from this post.

1. Donald Bradman was a tough character and could turn any situation in his favor simply by being tough and standing there even when the odds were against him.

2. Donald Bradman's mindset was that every ball is the first ball of his game. A great way to approach many other things in life such as business deals, meetings, and people that you meet on regular basis.

3. Donald Bradman practiced day and night with a stick and a golf ball to improve his hand-eye coordination and that improved his cricket abilities far beyond any other human could achieve to this date.

You don't know what you don't know

I was reading an article somewhere which talked about how we have blind spots in our own mind and we fail to see it. Only by learning more and communicating we come across something which we never ever came across before, so reading and gaining more knowledge and being social is very important for your health and well-being.

And the bottom line of this post is that you don't know what you don't know so keep seeking knowledge!

Free Books

Some of the best gifts in your life come for free. These books are priceless in their wisdom in becoming Street Smart, and you can achieve anything in life if you continue to develop yourself spiritually and practically through this blog.

Here are Links for some of the World's Biggest Religious Books. They cost you a penny and have more knowledge then I have learned in my entire Schooling about life.




Grow your own vegetables/fruits

Street Smart people don't buy fruits and vegetables from the supermarket. You can grow your own fruits and vegetables and become really self-sufficient without requiring too much interference from the society in your life. This does not mean that you become anti-social, but rather you become peaceful and inner peace is something that can be only left and not seen.

Check-out many videos on YouTube about growing your own food in your very own backyard and do something productive this Summer.

LandMark Personal Development Forum Review (StreetSmart coaching)

* I am not affiliated with this company

In order to become Street Smart, you have to strive for new things in life on regular basis. This was another self-development program that I went for. It lasts for 3 days and it focuses just on yourself and creating new possibilities and inventions for yourself, so you can come out smarter and wiser. 

i thought the price of $600 was a little too much, and many people there came because their relatives and friends pushed them. The overall energy of the program was great though. The positive energy in the room, and the speaker's way of maintaining the attention was amazing and could not be matched. Landmark makes you believe that you can achieve anything in life and creates an empty space in which you can walk into feeling free and ready to re-invent yourself. I am not sure whether the $600 will pay off, but it does introduce you to the benefits of Street-Smart coaching. 

Say No to Cigarettes

This is really self-explanatory after the countless research done on this subject by world-renowned scientists and intellectuals that have proved that the effect of cigarettes on your physical health and mental health is horrible. If you want to become street smart, make money and get an education, then just don't even bother touching these things. 

In the large scheme of things, you may think how cigarette companies will run if you don't buy cigarettes. The thing is that God has provided many other ways of accumulating resources, wealth and food instead of selling destruction devices. 

Power of Mind

Our mind is one of the strongest assets we will ever get in this life and keeping it healthy and maintaining it is one of the best ways to increase your wealth. Not having enough control on your mind will leave you drained and addicted to many of the wrong things which cost you a lot of money. Once you control your mind through prayer, meditation, religion, charity, you can automatically attract wealth since acquiring knowledge becomes easier with a solid mind.

Music to lift your mood

A lot of the cultures in the history of mankind use music to communicate feelings, and survival tool. Music can be traced back to many centuries and there are a lot of humble musicians to listen to. Classical music is great and soothing. This type of music can heal people, uplift moods and increase the levels of intelligence. There are many intense researches done on music and its ability to enhance your intelligence.

Of course, I am not that highly educated yet. Just the average Joe who wants to help others become street smart, and become smart and wise in the process of helping others become wise and build their wealth.

Load those Ipods, or MP3 players and start listening music on your journey to become street smart, wise and healthy.

Keeping a sharp look

How to keep a sharp look

1. Wake up early and shower
2. Keep your nails cut at all times (Fingers and Toes)
3. Buy a suit or a formal business clothing
4. Use light deodrant sprays and/or perfumes to avoid the smell of food (especially if you eat spicy food, curry. masala,
5. Keep your shoes polished and bright looking.

Why I quit poker?

After reading some beginners articles on Poker and getting sucked out on the River many times, I have decided that Poker is no longer a source of income in my life. I used to promote a website giving free poker bankrolls and played poker everyday in high school. Now I am 5 years into University and due to gambling have lost over $2,000.

This is a huge amount for a student who struggles to pay his debts and is trying to become Street Smart in life. Here are the reasons why I chose to quit Poker.

1. Online Poker may or may not be rigged.
2. Your opponent may or may not be a real person and a super-efficient bot which can beat most players.
3. Considered gambling in most religions. I could not find enough justifications to say that online poker is an ethical and a great way to build wealth. Period.

Improving your typing speed

My friends and relatives have asked me several times about my fast typing speed and how I was able to do it. Since I am the type of person who believes in growing other people along with myself, this isn't going to be kept a secret any longer. 

Download a free trial of TypingMaster and your typing speed can improve in just a few days. You can type without looking at the keyboard if you buy the product. I personally did not purchase the product, and improved my typing by using free trial and then trying online typing tests. 

There is also a website which you can use to give online tests and test your Words Per Minute also known as Words Per Minute.