Sunday, September 28, 2008

5 quick tips to increase your traffic

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Any well established site has good traffic. In fact well established means that they are quite famous and have decent amount of traffic coming. Whether you want to sell your products or make money through selling ad space, one thing you will always need is traffic.

Tips to increase your traffic:

1. Signature Promotion: You have probably seen people on different forums with a small web link at the bottom. This is known as their signature, and many choose to put a quote there or something about themselves, but the smart advertisers will always put a link to their website. This will do two things.

: Bring traffic to your website without any investment at all.
: Increase your rank on google search engine.

2. Linking with other bloggers or websites: Well each website/blog has something special that other blogs don't have. IF you find a blog with similar content to yours and with some tiny bits of information on something you wrote about, ask them to do linking. Which means you give a link to their blog through your blog, and they do the same thing for you.

:This will make your blog seem more informative since someone has recommended it, and also make you look good because you have given a link to someone Else's blog which makes you look like someone who is less interested in money but more interested in helping people find what they want.

3. Keep your traffic satisfied: Thousands of bloggers write about something and then forget about it. Just type any random and you will find incomplete experimental blogs that give you no information. You will also find many blogs that are well-written with one page and that's it. You need to keep your customers(traffic) happy and not let them get bored. What fun would it be to eat the same food everyday?

:This is especially useful if you want to keep permanent traffic. Like people go to McDonalds every week, they will visit your blog once a week to read some more informative things and hopefully recommend it to others or link with you.

4. Long-term contests: Everyone loves contests including me. Running contests will especially help you if you are running a forum or a regular blog about something. Contests are usually held to give the owner more profit. Like the lottery corporation always gets more profit than the winners you will ultimately win in your contests.

: Some good contests to run are Referring Contests(Referring the most people to your forums.
: Article writing( The best article written on the topic will receive a bonus of $5)
: Most posts (1000+ posts receives a book on the topic you write about)

5. Refer your blog: If you see anyone asking questions about some topic, don't hesitate to refer them to your blog. A good place would be like Yahoo Answers. Many people are asking about good restaurants, healthy recipes; give them a link to your blog so they can refer to it for the answer they are looking for. This is a form of advertising so beware of the rules.

: Do not just give a link. Write an answer for the question and then just refer to your blog.
: Some more places to use it are facebook, myspace, forums, ect.


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