Monday, October 6, 2008

How to make money During Depression - Part 1

Due to the popularity of the economic depression articles in the past few weeks, I have decided to write a series of articles on making money during a depression because we all might have to start thinking about that soon if the economy does not recover.

Not everyone during the great depression was in "depression"; in fact some people were able to make millions of dollars in that time using a combination of luck and brain.

How exactly did these people benefit from economic depression? The biggest economy game to play is stock betting. You basically make a bet on how much the stock will fall or rise and you get returns on it. I am not talking about illegal gambling. If you are an investor then you should be aware of what I am talking about. Stock betting is 100% legal and billions of dollars are floating on stock bets in the market.

Some conspiracy theorists even believe that stock market crashes are intentional so that stock bettors can make a lot of profit. This has never been proven, but could be true. For example, let's say my company is worth $50 million, and 30-40 people bet that my stock will drop to a value of $0. These 30-40 people had bets of $5-10 million each making a total of $400 million.

If I ask these bettors to give me a percentage of their profits if I decide to close my company, then I might end up making more than $50 million. So I make a decent profit while showing a loss in my company.

Yes, the false loss statements is illegal, but stock betting isn't. If you are an economist, then you should know which stocks are falling in prices and bet on them right now! There is no better time to bet on stocks than a depression. Since most stocks fall in value, your chances of making money increase and since there is a lot of talk about stock markets; you can easily access information.

Like I mentioned before, stock betting is done in billions of dollars and is a major part of the stock market profits/losses. People have already made money because of the huge stock market crash. That is why I tell you, "Become Street Smart and Make Money!"

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