Thursday, October 16, 2008

Web Perspectives Survey Company Review

After looking at some of the comments, I would have to agree that it is not a scam, but a huge waste of time if you don't get selected for a survey after giving opinions for upto 10-30 minutes.

Web Perspectives is another survey sites. Web Perspectives sends me surveys weekly and I receive a lot of surveys where the rewards are supposed to be $3-8 per survey.

Negatives: I have not made a single penny through their survey company. There have been many times when I have done the survey for half an hour and I get pop up saying that they were looking for some other group of people to survey. They have taken my opinions for a long period of time and haven't paid me.

There have been sometimes when the next page says "cannot be displayed" which could be a problem in my internet connection. This has happened multiple times, and I am not sure whether they are going to resolve their server problems anytime soon.

There are lots of other sites out there which don't waste your time and pay you even if you don't qualify for the survey. Take my word for it and spend time looking for better websites than Web Perspective.

Positives: Pays through paypal (free), survey rewards are high (if you are eligible)

My Rating: 6/10


Tina said...

I agree 100% I have had the same experience where I spend my time doing the survey only to be told when I'm done the survey that I don't qualify. And then if you do qualify, your rewards are 'pending.' I have actually just deleted my account with them as I completed 3 surveys, had over 1000 points 'pending' and didn't receive any points for them.


kad666 said...

I Dont think its scam but i will know soon ive got 1000 point pending ive waited 2 week and now im ready to cash out they say to wait another 3-6week to receive payment,and i will wait, ill try to post again when ive got my payment or not

Chris said...

I can't tell you directly it is a scam as I have been paid by them multiple times. However, lately, a lot of my "pending credits" are randomly disappearing and the last time I actually got paid it was close to 4 months after I initially cashed out the 1,000 points.

I have another 1,000 point payout pending and after they (eventually) send out the money by paypal I am quitting. It realistically takes about 2,500 worth of credits to get the $10 payout due to the disappearing credits.

kad666 said...

It is definetly not a scam i have been paid multiple time, they have paid me more than 200$ for now.

littlechickie1 said...

I have been a member for a few years now and have received a couple of payouts., the pending points seem to take a very long time to become actual points., when some disppeared I called Jenifer White personally and within a day or two., they were back... not sure if it's a scam or they just need to figure out a better pay system.

EveryPennyCounts said...

I have been paid $90.00 so far in the past 6 months credited to my paypal account. So they are not entirely a scam. Yes I have noticed that half way through a survey I am kicked out because " I do not match their profile" or the page is not displayed. Also they are slow in payout coming to you. Recently they have started sending you a mail confirming receiving your request for reward to be credited to the Paypal account

TheComebackKid said...

Not a scam at all. I get 1-2 surveys a day. Its true that sometimes your not eligible but never 30 minutes into a surveys, max 2 minutes.
As for the surveys Im eligible for so far in a year I received 11 Cineplex movie tickets, or 110$ if instead you take the 10$ paypal payment.
You have to remember your not gonna make tons of money on doing surveys its just for an extra cash now and then and to voice your opinion.