Saturday, July 25, 2009

5 tips on becoming Street Smart

1. Read the newspaper- Reading the news makes you aware of the world, and your country. There are important issues in your city that you need to know about. If you got a brain of a businessman, some of the headlines in the news can be a business opportunity for you.

2. Read this blog- I always like bragging about my blog. I barely make any money through this blog, and it has taken me hundreds of hours to get all the information written here. You can get it all in 2-3 hours. So, read the blog regularly.

3. Be more productive- What have you done today? Have you done anything productive? Ask yourself this question every single day of your life! Don't mention your job as doing something productive.


I have written this post, exercised for 1 hour, attended a family party, read 50 pages of a personal development book.

4. Do brain exercises- After buying a few books with IQ tests, I feel smarter in life. These IQ tests will test your brain and your knowledge. Give more IQ tests, and train your brain.

5. Exercise- Words simply cannot explain the benefits of the exercise. But, I'll try my best to explain. I feel more confident, energetic, smart, motivated, and young after exercising. All these qualities are necessary to become Street Smart.

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