Sunday, July 26, 2009

Obesity Facts and Information

Health information for the Street Smarts.

Obesity Facts and information
You have heard the term "Obesity" everywhere. Any blog, book or website you read about losing weight contains the term obesity. But when do doctors consider someone to be obese?

* Men with 25-30% and women with 30-45% fat are considered obese. You can actually have a normal BMI and still be obese if you have a higher body fat percentage.

* 74.1% of Americans are obese, from that 26 million are males and 30 million are females.

* United States is ranked 9th in terms of having the highest obesity rate with 74.1%; with Nauru topping the list with 94.1% obesity rate.
* You need 3200 calories to gain a pound.

* North Americans spend $60 billion every year on weight loss products.

If you are one of the people included in the stats, then you have work to do. Read tips around the blog and start right now to drop those obesity pounds!

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