Saturday, July 25, 2009

SurveySpot Review

I am glad to say that SurveySpot is one of the few sites that have paid me for taking surveys. It is one of the professional sites on the Internet, that doesn't intend to steal your time and money.

After searching on the Internet for many hours, I found a few sites that stood out in the crowd of millions. SurveySpot is a survey company that collects information from the surveys for market research purposes.

I get my surveys through the mail, and I get around 4-5 surveys every week. One of the best things about SurveySpot is that their e-mail has always informed me about the reward for completing the survey. Many companies hide this information, and inform you the end of the survey.

In addition, SurveySpot has a greater variety of rewards. If you don't qualify for a survey, you will still be entered into their prize draws. You can play the Scratch and Win tickets, and get entries into the Sweepstakes for $25,000!

There are many smaller cash draws as well. This is what survey companies should be about. They should have cash draws, and also give cash incentives for the surveys at the same time.

The mail that they send me also states the type of survey that I will be taking and the amount of time it will take. The time is usually very accurate. The actual site has also undergone major changes since I joined.

They are always adding new things to their website, and improving the company. There are also a lot of fun surveys on their site, which do not pay any cash prizes.

These surveys are for people who just want to give their opinion about something. There are daily surveys on the website, and most of them are for entertainment purposes.

One of the things I don't like about this site is that they send way too many surveys that do not have a cash reward. There is a difference between the cash reward and the prizes. The cash rewards are guaranteed, whereas prizes are not. There are also a lot of surveys that give you entry into the sweepstakes. It gets a bit frustrating when 10 out 12 e-mails have "sweepstake surveys" only

If you just want to take the paid surveys, then keep an eye on your mailbox and only do the surveys, which have a cash reward. You can cash out once you have $10, and they pay by check.

The check takes a long time to come, but they have never missed my payments. I have been paid several times and there have been no problems in that.

Overall, a site that you must join if you want to keep getting surveys in your mailbox.

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