Monday, May 12, 2014

LandMark Personal Development Forum Review (StreetSmart coaching)

* I am not affiliated with this company

In order to become Street Smart, you have to strive for new things in life on regular basis. This was another self-development program that I went for. It lasts for 3 days and it focuses just on yourself and creating new possibilities and inventions for yourself, so you can come out smarter and wiser. 

i thought the price of $600 was a little too much, and many people there came because their relatives and friends pushed them. The overall energy of the program was great though. The positive energy in the room, and the speaker's way of maintaining the attention was amazing and could not be matched. Landmark makes you believe that you can achieve anything in life and creates an empty space in which you can walk into feeling free and ready to re-invent yourself. I am not sure whether the $600 will pay off, but it does introduce you to the benefits of Street-Smart coaching. 

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