Monday, May 12, 2014

Live Life King Size Trap

Hello StreetSmart people!

Many people with new jobs, and new inflow of money either through new lucrative packages after graduation, or internships, start blowing it all away in the marketing of "Live Life King Size" phrase. Taking risks in life is important and will take you very far, but the key word is to take intelligent risks. Risking your life and putting your savings in danger by living like a King while your salary is that of a newly hired employee is like shooting yourself in your own foot.

Buying houses with huge mortgages and living above your means is not a sign of a Street Smart person. Visit a financial planner, accountant or a wise friend for information on saving your wealth and building a fortune just by not falling into Marketing traps.

Remember, that these slogans are used by Marketers to trick people into spending way above what they can afford. It is all fun and games until it gets to the payment, and that is when things can get serious. I sincerely wish that this does not happen to anyone. Stay blessed !

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