Monday, May 12, 2014

Spirituality and Wealth

I have noticed that many people who acquire wealth also have many spiritual values attached to their mindset while making money.

Becoming Street Smart means having knowledge of different religions and moral values of people, so you don't hurt them in the process of building your wealth. If you prepare the ground first for building your wealth, the seeds(wealth, health and happiness) will come along with the proper rooting of values.

There is infinite amount of wisdom in many of the oldest scriptures of all religions. Personally, the religion of Hinduism holds a lot of value to me after finding out about it more. Maybe it will bring you peace and happiness as well or wisdom at the very least. Here are a few recommended books for personal peace and happiness and wealth but keeping your moral values.

1. The Gracious Quran
2. The Holy bible
3. Bhagvad Gita (As it is)
4. Vedas
5. The Secret.
6. The Magic

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