Monday, May 12, 2014

Why I quit poker?

After reading some beginners articles on Poker and getting sucked out on the River many times, I have decided that Poker is no longer a source of income in my life. I used to promote a website giving free poker bankrolls and played poker everyday in high school. Now I am 5 years into University and due to gambling have lost over $2,000.

This is a huge amount for a student who struggles to pay his debts and is trying to become Street Smart in life. Here are the reasons why I chose to quit Poker.

1. Online Poker may or may not be rigged.
2. Your opponent may or may not be a real person and a super-efficient bot which can beat most players.
3. Considered gambling in most religions. I could not find enough justifications to say that online poker is an ethical and a great way to build wealth. Period.

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