Sunday, February 24, 2008

Reasons to take surveys

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Paid surveys have taken over the online marketing and business community. It benefits the consumers and the producers. The survey takers can get a bit of extra cash and the producers can get lots of information on what products are cherished by the consumers. There are many reasons out there to get started and take your first survey.

Some of the reasons include:

1.) Personal Knowledge: Whether it is a jobs and careers survey or a favorite car survey, everyone gains knowledge from surveys about the latest things available in the market and places to go. For example when I took a clothing survey once and I got an option of a store called Boys and Girls club. I had never heard of that before and went to the store and liked the clothes there and ended up buying decent shirts for myself. Without the paid survey I would have never found out that a store like this ever existed. Personal knowledge is very useful in buying at the cheapest prices, knowing what's out there and there is nothing better than paid surveys that would give you knowledge while having fun.

2.) Making yourself count: In a world of over 6.1 billion and over 200 countries it is almost impossible for someone to change the way of life in this world. All paid surveys that you take are specified for a specific person. Usually the website sends surveys to no more than 50 people and only 20-30 end up taking the survey. If you are one of those 20 people then your opinions will mean a lot to the company you filling the survey for. Next time when you open a newspaper and find a new product being released you might have been the reason for it. Your opinions will make a difference in what will come in the future. Just like you vote for your favorite politician you vote for the products to be released and the products to be thrown away and never be produced again.

3.) Making money- What is a better job than filling out surveys, making your opinions count, changing the future and at the same time making money by doing that. Research has shown that over 80% of Americans have filled free forms, surveys in order to be entered into a draw. If people have time to fill out medical forms and free surveys for a chance to win then why not take a survey which gives 100% reward rather than a "chance" to win something. Most surveys would take only about ten minutes of your time and rewarding over $10. Why not make use of it? You can donate the money and help the poor, use it to pay gas bills, use it to buy lotteries and much more.

Your number one priority should not be making money in paid surveys because you are not going to become millionaires taking paid surveys and that is why it is important for you to enjoy the surveys rather than force yourself to take them to get the cash.

There you have it. Three reasons everyone should take a survey and with internet these days, the survey is just a click away. Go and find the survey waiting for you and get your cash reward and make your opinions count and change the world of business!

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Blogging without investing

Making money online without investing

Online might be one of the only places where you don't have to invest a single penny or cent to make profit of thousands of dollars. This is due to the increase in the amount of people that visit the internet everyday. Now days all developed countries offer dial-up to hi-speed internet services. Now this trend has been followed by developing countries and most developing countries offer internet and lots of people get attracted.

One of the most visited sites includes google, and to create a successful business online it is almost inevitable that one needs a good search rank on google. High google rank= High traffic= Higher profit.

One of the ways to create a business online is to create a simple blog on and put informative content on it and write about something you will never be bored of writing about, and never run of ideas. Blog will not make you millions or even thousands but it is something that gets rewarded a few hundred dollars for a little effort.

Before creating a blog you need to select the topic you will be writing about, and you must enjoy writing to make good money. Many people make blogs to just make money but your first priority should be writing good helpful content for the people and money will take care of iteself. Once you have a good blog with solid content then you need to put ads on it to make the money. is created by Google and Google offers Google Adsense which is a free ad program and if someone clicks the ads you get paid. Its simple easy and free. It will bring a couple of bucks per day or week depending on how much traffic you get.

After you have adsense set up you need to create traffic and advertise your blog so more people can visit it and also exchange links to get a high google search rank. After you have done that things will be automatic. You will just need to update your blogs every few days and log in to google adsense to see how much money you made and how many people visited you blogs. Slowly as your blog gains more popularity you will gain more money. Make sure you don't put too many ads as this will make your blog look like click-ad-scam blog. As I said before you create blog if you like writing because some blogs don't reach even a few dollars.

Another way is to write on revenue sharing websites like What this will do is share half the money that websites earn with you if you write articles on their website. Again you will not be making millions but think of it has extra money for writing in your free time. And many people like me have writing as their hobby and to get paid for your hobby is great even if it is just $10-$20/ week.

There you have it. Two ways to make money without investing a single cent. If you want to increase the amount of money and spend less time then you need to spend some of your own money and purchase some ideal webmaster tools.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fundamentals of making money(Offline)

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Two fundamental rules of making million dollars or good amount of cash is to:

Saving money aside in a bank account with high interest rate will make your money worth what it really is worth. Let me give you an example: The average rate of inflation is 3%. Which means if you have a thousand dollars next year they will be worth $970. But if you put the same amount of money in a savings account or bank account with high interest rate your money will grow to $1040, assuming the interest rate is 4%. This $1040 is only worth $1010 due to the inflation. Now you see that saving money and putting it into a bank makes sense.

Many people don't realize that they are losing money by not spending it and keeping it at home or in a piggy bank. Now of course I used only a $1000 example so most people could understand the concept of inflation and realize that any spare cash at home is losing its value without even being spent.

Investing money: Now of course you aren't going to make millions by putting it in bank then why not do something with a portion of your money? That is where the concept of investing comes in. 30% of millionaires in North America earned 26% of their wealth in stocks, mutual funds etc.

By not spending you are decreasing the value of your money. It is always better to either put it in a fixed deposit account or invest it.