Friday, November 30, 2007

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You can contact me any time via email. I will personally respond to any of your questions regarding my blog or making money.

Be safe from Scams!

Lets be honest! Why would someone let you copy exactly what they did so you can make money? Many money making progams out there can provide some useful tips and information but none help you step-by-step. You basically have to analyze their books and get something useful out of it.

I am going to provide some links which you should read before you decide to purchase the top internet secrets.

1. There are thousands of websites out there trying to sell their money making book, adsense books/videos and other internet marketing techniques. While most of them repeat as much as they can without really helping you get rich some can provide useful tips and tricks if you know what they are talking about....

Rich Jerk Review ( The top most sites giving a review on his products are Rich Jerk's sellers. If he makes millions every year he can also have multiple fake review sites. Here is a review from a person who has nothing to do with him and PLEASE READ IT IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING TO BUY IT!

2. Some good articles on paid surveys scams ( If you don't want to get scammed I recommend the sites I listed in my Paid Surveys column as I have tried them and they don't sell anything)

3. Tips on protecting your credit cards.

4. Internet Fraud Protection article

Hope to find more soon! Yes there is money to be made online and there is lots of it to be made! But there are also lots of scams going online since there is so much money to be made!

Good luck and be safe!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Stock Markets/Investing

Stock markets are easier than ever to reach today through internet. Just like you publish a blog by clicking publish you can buy stocks worth thousands of dollars with just a click as well. Stock markets require research, experience, money to invest and the ability to play your money. Good investors are the one that don't feel scared investing an amount. Since the chance of a stock dropping to an absolute value of 0 is extremely rare, the stock market isn't too much of a gamble.

Generally long time investors make the most out of their money because of their foresight ability to see where the stocks go in future. $1 stock today can be worth $50 tomorrow. Just like the Microsoft share! About eight years ago people who invested $30,000 in Microsoft are millionaires today! No kidding. You don't have to invest $30,000. Start small with atleast a $1000 deposit on an online stock broker account and invest it all in no more than 2-3 stocks.

If you really don't know anything about buying stocks or anything about stockbroker, comissions, etc I have done the work for you! I have found a stock simulator which provides $100,000 USD(fake money!!!) to invest and you buy all stocks at the real price, real time, real comission fees only the money invested, earned or lost is virtual or in simple words fake. You can experiment with this stock simulator to see how much you gain or lose and also compare your accounts to other players. It is like a video game only more serious and challenging.

Don't blame me if you make a profit of a million dollars in the game! Any profit you make with the fake money is the profit you would have made with the real money so the stock simulator can make some people mad if they make profits. But look at it in a positive way. If you lose all your hundred thousand dollars you would be glad that it was fake money so if you start making profit I suggest you immediately open a real money account.

Stock simulator link:

Broker firms( Real money accounts) (Comission on trades apply!)

For U.S. citizens:


Other continents continent

The above links are only the websites I have heard about and tried two of them. I have played the stock simulator game in which I made 4k in my first month which told me that I can actually buy stocks! So I made a real money account on (low fees) and (Lower fees than if you buy 1000 or more shares)

I don't want to comment on stocks because I am not a professional and I don't want you to lose money on my advice. So research well, invest smart and be patient!

Good luck and read my other tips about making money on this blog(Scroll down)

How much can I make?

This is one very frequently asked question. So how much can I make? There is only one answer to that question> Depends..... I will state some average money you can make by all methods I stated.

Surveys: $100-$400 once you register to the top sites amd have completed beginning profiles and surveys and visit your email once a day.)

AdSense: AdSense are one of the biggest source of revenue for blogs like mine and also for thousands of other people with free websites(Websites that don't sell products and have no subscription fees). With a high traffic website and AdSense you can make anywhere between $1800-20,000. The range is riduculous because it really depends on how well established your site is, what kind of traffic you are receiving. What age group you attract and the rank of your website on google.

Text link Ads: Depending on how much space you sell about $200-$300 fixed amount every month. You can make $100-$600 a month from trading part time. A full time seller and buyer can make $1000-$2500 a month. It also depends on what trades you get, how many hours you spend buyung/selling etc.

Well I did not really answer the question How much you can make? because there really isn't a answer. If you follow my blog guidelines and spend time you will definitely be making $1000 a month atleast.

I'll trade a red clip for a $half million house, good deal?

" Kyle MacDonald traded one red paperclip for a house. He started with one red paperclip on July 12 2005 and 14 trades later, on July 12, 2006 I traded with the Town of Kipling Saskatchewan for a house located at 503 Main Street.

Website used:
Full article:

This is just one story of a guy who traded one paper clip with a goal of buying an independent house within year. Making 500k off a paper clip might seem rediculous and rare to happen. Making 20k to 50k isn't hard, riduculous or rare! Online is one the only places where you can make money without investing any and unfortunately it is also the place where people get scammed and buy too many appealing products.

If you have items to sell that you don't use(Most people have garbage items that means a lot to others). I suggest using ebay to sell your items. It isn't very hard to start selling items and doesn't take too much time. The thing about is that you can walk away after posting your item. Unlike a shop where you stand for the whole day hoping to make a sale; on ebay you just post the item, post the price(Or bid) and leave.

Some popular items to sell/buy:

1. Cell phones
2. Games
3. 2nd hand appliances
4. Rare items(Old coins, stamps, collections)

If you haven't already noticed all items high in demand to buy and sell are the items that don't have much of a price range. Someone can bid upto a thousand dollars for a cell phone and some people sell pc games for less than $2! Rare items are definitely the profit makers. Some old $1 coins can be sold for over $100 a piece!
For money making monline ebay is certainly a must visit!

Personally I haven't experienced much on ebay but I will start researching soon! I don't want to keep you waiting so try today!

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Paid Surveys!

The Paid Online Surveys(Finest Websites)

Are you looking forward to some free extra cash to spare or if you are "hardcore" survey taker you can make more than $500 a week. Many websites(over 500) pay for taking surveys but mostly they either send you spam e-mails advertising their products or send a survey worth $1 in one month. After searching for a while and trying different sites I have found some websites that are above average and for serious survey takers.


Register to these websites and fill out your profile completely to get the most surveys. Remember the key to success is honesty here. If you provide honest answers to all the questions you will get more surveys. For example, some surveys are only for women and others for parents with physically disabled kids. Some are for people with low income, and some for high invome. Some websites have different profile sections like Automobile profile(Information about your automobile, insurance, car insurance, education profile(cost of your eucation, degrees, etc.). Complete all your profiles or they won't even bother sending you a survey. You must complete every single detail which may take a lot of time but in the end it is worth it. You will be making $50-$70 a month and slowly to about $200 a month or more.

One note: You cannot live a life on surveys. Surveys are just a bit of extra cash without any effort since they mostly take 10-20 minutes or less to complete. Don't expect thousands of dollars a month from surveys!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Making money by writing!

This one is really interesting and takes hours to find the right website that pays money for writing. If you love writing and want a bit of cash with it then there are some oppurtunities online for you!

The earnings will be less in the beginning. This money making option is only for people who like to write not who like to earn money.

Some good sites that I have used before are: < You can post ads to make revenue through your blogs. < Pays per click to your article and pays $50-$100 for any article of yours that they decide to publish. < Similar to blogspot

Monday, November 19, 2007

Making money through Adsense

Go to google and type in AdSense and if you are a new website maker do not forget to register for Adsense and use it on your website. This will make your website more popular and more revenue will be generated. Just place a google ad on your website and get paid for it! You make absolutely no ivestment except the investment on your website.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Make money online with blogging and websites

It is easy to make money online and there is hardwork involved but less hardwork than becoming a doctor or a dentist and earning the same money. Well one of the easiest ways of making money without investing any money is to use Advertisement webistes like google, TLN, and other websites that pay for advertising. You just have to sign up and then put a HTML code on your website/blog and you get paid!

You can create a website which is a better way than a free blog to make money and more ideal because all the profit will go to you and more people will advertise on your page. There are other ways which require some investing money like selling products online and you get 10% off every sale people make through your site. An example would be Although you will have to be the very best to make this kind of business to work, but once you get started you will not make less than 200k-300k a year if you can get the right amount of traffic