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Traits of Successful Websites

All good and solid websites have things in common. If an average person wants to make their site above average then they will just need to follow the good websites layouts and the things that all those sites share in common. In this article some examples of websites will be given and the traits that make them and other sites successful.

Common traits include-

Clarity of information (Organization) : Writing gibrish certainly doesn't help attract more people. Look at Google for example. It is so easy to search because there is only one search bar and sub sections above it which are printed in another colour and GOOGLE written so clearly that even a 7 year old can figure out what to do. Just simple and easy to use. That is why it is rated the best site and the richest.

Organization of the information is important. Many websites give lots of information but it seems like too much to read and people are generally lazy to read long paragraphs on the computer. They need quick to navigate and easy to understand content and that is why sites like Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia are so popular because they organize the information in an easy and time saving way. Lets take a look at Yahoo now. Instead of all the information on the same page, they use the main page for interesting news titles such as "Discover the secrets of millionaires" which attracts people to look around the site since the main title is so clear and interesting. On the left there are sub categories for Horoscopes, chat, Yahoo Answers, etc. People just get hooked to these sites like a drug because of the time it saves.

Quality Information: Now lets move to content related websites such as Wikipedia. The popular sites with lot of content need to be extra careful with the quality of information. Online it certainly helps more if you have Quality information rather than quantity because of the types of people looking at sites. Most visitors to Wikipedia are Elementary-High school students looking for project related information and they won't be interested in reading a lot, but if anyone does want to read more Wikipedia uses sub categories to divide the topic into pieces of information. Quality information never has spelling mistakes. If you make spelling mistakes on your site there is no way you will ever reach above average website. Quality is important because students would look for something to the point and that is why using sub categories helps the site increase traffic and profits and spelling mistakes just makes it unprofessional. Ask yourself if you would like to be a permanent visitor toa site where every other word is mis spelled.

Eye pleasing Layout: The layout of the site is the first thing that determines whether the visitor will stay or just go to another website. Again people try to be too fancy with the layout. You just need a simple eye pleasing layout. The colours of the ads should blend in with the text colour of the content (Assuming you have ads on your site). Nothing should seem out of place. Sub Categories need to be different colour but still look like part of a website. For an example of ad blended with the content visit this blog www.onlineblogging4money.blogspot.com and see how the content is blended in with the ads and the layout is eye pleasing. For other examples look at sites like google, yahoo, ebay, etc.

Contests: Many sites, especially forum containing sites use competitons as a way of attracting more visitors. Person with the most posts gets a small reward for contributing to the forum society. A good site will always have something for the visitors that makes visitors of the users feel like a part of the site because they would be participating in the site contesnts. Contests help drive more traffic and make the site look more " unselfish" where the owner isn't the only one raking in all the profits. For an example look at Adsense Forums.

Contact Information: If the visitors are not able to find what they were looking for, or just need to ask something related to the site, the contact information should always be ready on the website. Many successful sites have Contact Us Button which will link to the email immediately and the visitor can send the email by just clicking the button. Visitors feel nice when they find that they are being taken care of and can ask questions related to their problems. Contact Information also shows that the site isn't just some random site but it is owned by highly professional and caring people. Use sites such as richjerk website who has sold over 6 million books because of the website content and enganging with customers in regular conversations.

Some sites will even have Live Support which will also make the visitors come back again again to ask any questions.

These simple yet hard to follow tips will help any person thinking about creating a website make the most out of their website.

Conclusion Summary:

- Good layout
- Quality Information
- Contact Information
- Easy to understand Language
- Targeted right towards the topic in discussion
- Ads shouldn't look like Advertisements.

Guidelines to play poker

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Texas Hold'em's popularity has exploded in the past few years. Over 200 poker websites which offer tons of freerolls and bonuses for just a deposit! Since the game as exploded there are a lot of new players trying to play and make the money like the pros do on TV.

Well only 0.5% of the people actually end up becoming TV pros, but you don't have to be a pro, you just have to be a good player and be the best on the table you play.

The first place to start will be an online website like:


These websites offer 1,000 play money dollars and when you are learning it is better to lose play money rather than losing real money and finding yourself bankrupt in the process of learning.

Okay so now you have an account set up and play money and you learn the game and deposit money.

Now lets go to the tips:

1. Premium Hands: When creating a solid bankroll you must only play good preflop hands. Trow garbage hands like Q5 and avoid face cards with low kickers. Many new players like to play any king, any ace or any queen or jack only to find out that their opponent has a higher kicker.
This strategy is one of the easiest strategies to win money but it is too simple for some wannabe pros. If you want to win poker you have to reduce the amounts of hands because genrally you might hit a medium pair or low pair and get nothing but a bad beat if you play bad hands. Good hands to start off in a cash table: AAem can teach you the importance of premium hands because it is hard to bluff in them. Omaha can teach you more about draws and 5-card draw will improve your flop reading and make you an analytical player rather than aluck chaser.

6. Record your progress:If you suddenly start making money on consistent basis then record them in a personal diary and record some hands that you won huge with or lost huge with to not repeat your mistakes.

7. Variations in play: Make sure you don't follow a strict rule for any hand. For example betting $5 with AA every single time you have it. Your bets are supposed to be based on your hands and your position instead of a fixed value. You should change your play, make some different kinds of moves and analyze the results you get from it because it will help you a lot to figure out what kind of moves pay off the most or pay too little.

Strategies to trap opponents:

Check-raise: You check a monster hand until your opponents bet and you re raise them so they have no other option other than folding or calling. (only used with best hands or for a buff)

Check-call: This strategy should only be used if you are going for a draw or you want to show weakness.

Bet/Follow bet: You keep betting until your opponent folds. Should be used with medium hands, and bluffing.

Reraise: Only done with a good hand.

These strategies will help you imrpove your game and make you money.

Hope to see you at the tables soon!

Good luck!

Job versus Business

It is a tough decision for anyone to figure out if a business is better than job. Many people consider a business to be more of a gamble, whereas a job is considered to be secure and better in the long-run.

In this blog you will find opportunities to earn money through jobs such as writing, taking surveys and through business by creating websites, selling on e-bay, becoming an affiliate, etc.

Jobs Versus Business

* Boss: If you can't stand working under someone, then jobs are not for you. Jobs do not offer freedom the way business does and you will always be working under someone, which some people refer to as being a good pet.

* Flexibility: You can choose your own timings. This might sound like an amazing benefit of owning your own business, but isn't. You cannot have a successful business, if you choose to get up late in the afternoon and work for a few hours. In the beginning you will need to work more than you do in a job and continue to do so until you reach the peak then you can reduce timings. In terms of flexbility, business actually requires more time.

* Growth: This is one the biggest benefits of having your business. In a job you cannot grow and are stuck at a salary range which is usually between 40-70k/year. Many businesses are making millions of dollars per month and businessmen like Bill Gates making billions. When you are working under someone you cannot surpass their income. So if you are working under Bill Gates, he will be the ultimate profit maker and you will get a small percentage of it.

These are some comparisons between a job. If you love the ability to grow, flexibility, freedom of being your own boss then go ahead and give your dream one shot. Always go for your dreams. Even if you don't succeed atleast you know that you tried and who knows you might be the next Bill Gates.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Join Metacafe to earn money

Since the popularity of youtube, there are many sites trying to come up with the youtube idea and become a billion dollar site. When a site gets bought for more than a billion dollars, it definitely has a future and that is what others try to do.

One such site known as Metacafe is an identical twin of YouTube. One huge difference which is attracting a lot of money makers/video makers is that Metacafe allows you to earn money on videos. YouTube doesn't give a penny for your videos and the only way you can make money on YouTube is by advertising something on your website.

Metacafe is different. It pays $5/1000 views, but the payment only starts as you reach 20k views. But you also get paid for those 20k views which equals $100. I know this is not a lot of money for 20,000 views, but still better than getting nothing. Imagine if you could get a million views on a video, and a million view video has become common on YouTube. If it is common YouTube is will surely be common on MetaCafe, really soon.

If you are good at marketing videos and can make interesting titles and videos, then go ahead and join MetaCafe to prove your videomaker skills. Here is a direct link to join MetaCafe:


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Opportunities in Poker

Some of you might know already that poker has become a multi-billion dollar industry in just a few years following the win of "Chris Moneymaker", an average Joe who made millions of dollars winning a WSOP title aka World Series Of Poker.

He managed to make millions, but his profit is nothing compared to the profit that the poker sites, poker affiliates and the poker tools have made in the past few years.

Your opportunity to make money in poker has also increased, due to the high number of players literally donating their money. Now I know that many people are against gambling and if you are one of them, then you can surely skip this tip and look at other wonderful money making tips around the blog.

But for people who are good at reading people, odds, probability, poker is the right job for you. There are a lot of bonuses out there and sites are literally giving you free money to start playing poker.

One such site also advertises on my blog and offers free money, check it out before opening an account. Use some of these sites to improve and remember to play with fake money first to learn or you will go broke really fast.

* The best study source is videos. Basically you watch a professional play with his hole cards opened and you see what they and why they do it. Some free sources are:

- http://www.pokerstrategy.com/uBBSLB : Awesome training videos absolutely free.

- Flop Turn River Videos: A library of around 30 videos which are offered so that you will buy more, but still the free ones are very useful

* http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/830035 /playing_headsup_poker_basic_strategy.html?cat=61

The above link is my own creation on Associated Content, a website which I have reviewed as a scam, but this is the only article I have there and the last one.

* Get the following books

- Theory of Poker
- NL theory and practice

If you want to take your poker career further, I suggest you join card runners at cardrunners.com which is the most expensive and the best videos out there. They are only worth buying if you already have made it to low stakes from micro.

Good luck on your poker career!

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How to save money in high school?

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The earlier you start saving money, the better it is. Saving money in high school is easier to do than an adult because you don't have the burden of paying bills, or pay the mortgage. If you are an average teen then you should still be living with your parents, and be able to save a lot more easily.

Saving money in high school is also critical. You will have to pay student loans, book fees, tutor fees and for some even a new place to live. You will be going to College and all the money saved will help a lot to repay the student loans and to find a good place to live without a lot of work.

* Clothes: In high school these days everyone wants to wear branded clothes. You have to make friends and fit in by buying branded clothes. This is a huge problem for girls since they seem to be more fashion oriented. But what if all that money could be saved by simply buying only when you really need clothes?

* Stay away from sales when you don't need clothes. Even if the clothes are cheaper, there is no reason to buy them if you don't need them. As a high school student, clothes might be the most expensive item on your shopping list.

* Entertainment Discounts: Every once in a while you feel like watching a movie. Why not go on discount days? In my town every Tuesday the ticket is $5 less than usual. Find a good place to watch movie which offers discount rates on some days. On those days you can go and have fun for less money.

- There are no drawbacks to this. You watch the same movie, the same theatre just a different day. Those few dollars add up quickly. Lets say you watch one movie per month (Most of you watch more than that), but lets just say you saved $5 per month on movies, that would be $320 by the time you graduate. This is just for the movies; wait till all other savings add up.

* Lunches: You don't have to buy a combo everyday. Save on lunch food by simply buying less or making food at home. This will again save a lot of money by the time you graduate. Home lunches cost around $1 on average if prepared everyday, and cafeteria food costs around $5. That is 4 dollars of saving 5 days a week. That is a whooping $3840 saved on food in four years!

* Travelling Costs: Buy a bike or walk to school rather than taking the public transit everyday. A bike will cost $350 the first time you buy it, but in the long run you will save more by not taking the bus. Walking of course is the best option for most teens to save the most money. Let's do the math again. A bus ticket costs $1.50 each and you will be using two everyday. $15 every week and $780 every year which is already more than the cost of your bike or the "cost" of your walk.

* Trips: You don't have to waste over two grand on the international trip if you don't feel like going. It is a big decision to go to the international high school trips. If you want to save up, then your best bet is to not go on them. You can go on the smaller trips to have fun, and forget about the international ones.

* It is tough to not go to the trip of your life, so this tip is optional for anyone who can do it.

Here are your 5 tips to save when you are in high school. Although summer months have been included in the calculations for savings, you will still save around the same as stated.
Remember that saving in high school is easier to do, than to save later in life. So start now and good luck!

Disadvantages of Associated Content

I have written for Helium and Associated for the past 6 months. On Helium I have 84 articles, but on Associated Content I only have 2 articles. Why so much difference?

Associated Content does not offer competitions to earn $2-$3 per articles. In terms of payment, Associated Content pays $1.50 per thousand views. On this blog I have a click rate of 5% meaning that out of 1000 visitors, around 50 click the ads and are interested in my ads. The average pay per click is determined by a lot of factors, and some of them are quality of your site, traffic you get, etc.

But I manage to get around $0.30-0.45 per click, which adds upto $24 for 80 clicks. This payment is only for this blog, more valuable sites such as Associated Content could get upto $0.80 per click which means you make them $30-$35 and then they return $1.50 for this favour. As you can clearly see, this is a ridiculously high profit margin.

This is one of the biggest online scams I have ever seen, because it is a scam where you get scammed by getting paid the least amount. The amount of writers that get sucked in by these sites is in thousands including me as well for writing two articles which have earned me $0.80 after writing and editing them for a good one hour. Now you might be thinking that it is impossible for you to get 1,000 visitors to your own site, but even if you could get 100 people to visit your site, you would make more than what AC pays you.

Go ahead and look for writers on Associated Content with around 100-300 articles, most of them have total views of around 50k-75k which means they got paid $112.5 for writing 300 articles!

That is less than 50 cents per aricle, and a quality articles takes atleast half an hour to write. I am a writer who has written for both these sites, and in my opinion Helium is far superior to AC.

Now let's talk about the quality required. Generally speaking AC rejects a lot of articles if they don't suit their "advertisement targets", but Helium does not reject articles at all, no matter how poor the quality is. Often they will recommend you to submit another article, but never will they throw your work in the trash and reject it upfront.

AC's upfront payments attracts a lot of articles, but who is eligible for upfront payments? Only U.S. citizens who write tourist guides, travel guides, etc. Even the best writers on the site have earned only a couple thousand dollars for spending hundreds and hundreds of hours writing.

Helium is also not worth writing for if there were no reward-a-thons. But atleast in terms of quality their expectations are less, and also there are publishers who will pay upto $300 per article if they choose to publish your piece.

If anyone wants to argue against me, feel free to e-mail me at arjunwadhwa2003@yahoo.ca

Helium Marketplace can earn the top writers a full time job, but never can this be achieved on AC. Helium also lets you post your articles on your blog and if I ever write an aricle on making money at helium, I can simply put the same article here and earn money on two sites from the same piece of article. AC is strictly against this, they will ban your account if they find the article anywhere else, leaving you with $1.5/1000 or $2/1000 impressions if you reach a higher clout level. Imagine this in a physical world. Thousand people came to an exhibition to see your article for which you earned one and a half dollar.

If you want to really showcase your writing, the best place is your own website or become a full time writer for sites such as About.com which genuinely offer good payment. This article should save you atleast twenty hours of writing that you would've done at AC earning 10 cents per hour.

Be smart, be creative and be original. Do something for yourself and stop giving away 90% of your revenue to multi-million dollar sites and write only during competition times, because even Helium doesn't pay as much you deserve.

Don't lose confidence and keep promoting your work through a blog or a website and you will see more earnings than you see on AC accounts. Writers are worth a lot more than what they get paid.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Guide to making money at Helium

Helium's population has exploded in the past months. What is helium? It is not the gas we are talking about. Helium is a place where writers have an opportunity to write and make money.

One of the best things about helium is that you only have to be 13 years or older to join and it offers good pay. A lot of writers complain that they don't get enough money and earn only pennies everyday.

What many writers don't know is that Helium offers competitions known as reward-a-thons. During these competitions you can get $3 for every article you write. It can become like a job since most articles take 15 minutes to write if you are a fast typist.

This means that you will make $15/hour if you can get to that level. For writers who don't write much, they get paid $1-$2 each article which is still a commendable amount to earn.

But wait the earnings don't stop there. After you have received this payment your article will gain money as more people view it. For every view you get 1-3 cents. Which means over time the article will earn $1-5 more on top of the payments you already received.

I have written at helium and let me tell you that it is one of the safest and the easiest ways to make money from writing. Extremely good writers can even get $100 per piece if they choose to write for companies. Helium is a place you must visit if you want to improve your writing or just make some money.


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How to make million dollars in 6 months?

I got an e-mail recently from someone who wanted to make million dollars in a couple of months.

Now of course million dollars in 6 months just sounds absurd, and I am sure all the people writing aren't millionaires, but I can provide you some solid information which if utilized properly will lead to the goal of a million dollars.

For becoming a millionaire in 6 months, you need to get lucky, because it is an unrealistic goal, and needs unrealistic ways to get there.

To earn million in 6 months use the following tips:

1. Make a website and use ads on them : Go to google and type in AdSense and if you are a new website maker do not forget to register for Adsense and use it on your website. This will make your website more popular and more revenue will be generated. Just place a google ad on your website and get paid for it! You make absolutely no ivestment except the investment on your website. (This gives you free money while you are sleeping!)

2. Sell on ebay and you might become a millionaire like this guy:

" Kyle MacDonald traded one red paperclip for a house. He started with one red paperclip on July 12 2005 and 14 trades later, on July 12, 2006 I traded with the Town of Kipling Saskatchewan for a house located at 503 Main Street.

Website used: www.ebay.com
Full article: http://oneredpaperclip.blogspot.com/2006/07/503-main -street.html
Source: www.TorontoStar.com

This is just one story of a guy who traded one paper clip with a goal of buying an independent house within year. Making 500k off a paper clip might seem rediculous and rare to happen. Making 20k to 50k isn't hard, riduculous or rare! Online is one the only places where you can make money without investing any and unfortunately it is also the place where people get scammed and buy too many appealing products.

If you have items to sell that you don't use(Most people have garbage items that means a lot to others). I suggest using ebay to sell your items. It isn't very hard to start selling items and doesn't take too much time. The thing about ebay.com is that you can walk away after posting your item. Unlike a shop where you stand for the whole day hoping to make a sale; on ebay you just post the item, post the price(Or bid) and leave.

Some popular items to sell/buy:

1. Cell phones
2. Games
3. 2nd hand appliances
4. Rare items(Old coins, stamps, collections)

If you haven't already noticed all items high in demand to buy and sell are the items that don't have much of a price range. Someone can bid upto a thousand dollars for a cell phone and some peoplepc games for less than $2! Rare items are definitely the profit makers. Some old $1 coins can be sold for over $100 a piece!
For money making monline ebay is certainly a must visit!

3.) Go to money contests: Any contests with a huge cash prize, just join them and do whatever it takes to win them. There are contests almost every day on the net, radio and local community. To make a million in short time you must join any opportunity giveing you money.

4.) Play poker: Poker involves skill as well. If you are good at reading people, and analytical type of person there are millions to be made from poker. I am not that good at poker, but I do know that people that are good are making millions of dollars. The poker industry is on a boom and now is the best time to play poker because of the number of online sites and they usually offer a bonus to sign up of $100-$1000! More money in less time.

5.) Buy lottery: To make a million in 6 month, you need some unrealistic ways because it is an unrealistic goal. Buy a $1 lottery which might turn into $100 million if you get extremely lucky.

Good luck on your short road to a million dollars!

Paid survey sites for Non-U.S. residents

Are you looking forward to some extra cash? If you are a serious survey taker then you can get hundreds of dollars per month in just a few hours! It doesn't matter if you are not a U.S. citizen because you are still a human that has personal opinions and thats all that matters. Here is a list of sites that accept all U.S. and non U.S. citizens from around the globe.

Many sites send spam or advertisments as a form of survey taking, but these sites have been tested by me and I regularly get surveys so I am sure that you will not get disappointed, and also I am not a U.S. citizen which is why this makes sense. You are not going to become a millionaire, but you can use it to voice your opinions and get couple extra bucks per month which slowly add up to thousands. The field of surveys is growin too which means that there are chances that in the future you will get more surveys than you get right now.

The Paid Online Surveys sites list (Non U.S. citizens)

1. CanadaSurveypanel.com
2. Surveyspot.com
3. ACOP.com
4. Globaltestmarket.com
5. Surveylion.com
6. Opinionoutpost.com

Register to these websites and fill out your profile completely to get the most surveys. Remember the key to success is honesty here. If you provide honest answers to all the questions you will get more surveys.

For example, some surveys are only for women and others for parents with physically disabled kids. Some websites have different profile sections like Automobile profile(Information about your automobile, insurance, car insurance, education profile(cost of your eucation, degrees, etc.). Complete all your profiles or they won't even bother sending you a survey. You must complete every single detail which may take a lot of time but in the end it is worth it. It takes time to fill your complete profile, but it does give benefit. Since the company will know a lot about you, they will know which surveys to send to you.

Lets say that you don't fill your insurance information, then you will not get an insurance related survey.

How to sell products through your website

Selling products through a website can be tough and provide low profit sometimes. It is more of a hassle than ad, but it would return in more profits once someone knows how to do it properly.

I have done some selling of products online, and also visit a lot of websites which offer products for sale. There are many things have been noticed by me and that I can offer advice on how to sell products.

Some tips that will help you sell products successfully through a website are:

1. Target Advertising- If you want to sell products then you need someone to advertise your site or products which can be done through Google Adwords and also through hundreds of other websites offering ways to advertise your website.

2. Promotion of website- Before starting to sell products you need to have enough people that visit your site to view your products. Many people create a website on a topic, get traffic and then start selling products. Which can be a good idea since you don't want to look like someone who just wants to business and get over it. Ways to increase traffic are:

- Signature Promotion- Join forums and put a link to your site in your signature.
- Linking- Tell someone else to put your link on their site and you put their link.
- Adwords- Using google as a source of traffic.
- Website Rank- Get it ranked higher on google by adding more useful content.

3. Affiliates: What better way to sell products than to get people to sell them for you keep half the profits? This is one of the best ways online to sell a a product. Find some websites that are related to the topic.

For example if you want to sell gym equipment, then find websites that talk about healthy eating, fitness etc, and then e-mail them to talk about a deal. Examples of deal include:

- Paying for their hosting of the site for putting your ads.
- Paying a fixed amount every month.
- Do back linking with them.(Stated above)

4. Content Relation: Content has to be related to th products being sold. The content also should provide lots of information not just about products but also about the topic. There are a lot of people out there only interested in selling products and in result they don't get permanent traffic, because people run away after being asked to pay for every single item they click on the website.

Keep your visitors happy, and don't make them feel like they are customers being sucked to buy a product.

Painless ways to save money

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Saving money can be a pain for some people, and that is why we get the title "painless ways of saving money". If you love being secure financially and like the feeling of having enough money in our bank account, then saving money won't be pain for you, and you are already on a way to being a debt-free human.

But for some people saving money means no shopping, no enjoyment, no pleasure, which means no fun in life. And we all live to work and have fun, so we must spend money right? That is right, and saving money doesn't mean having less fun or enjoying your life less.

We need to save money in order to have fun. Many of you are wondering what is meant by that? Saving a few dollars today, add up to thousands of dollars. It is not just a saying or a phrase, it actually makes a lot of sense.

Here is the maths behind saving (Don't worry I am only talking elementary school maths).

1.) Save $1 a day by making your own coffee. (It is fresh, hot, tasty and you can make it rightwhen you wake up, which means no hassle of waiting in a line buying coffee which is cold sometimes or has less/more sugar.

Now this dollar everyday of the year adds upto $365. You do this for 25 years of your life, and you have saved $9125, not a bad amount for having your own coffee, is it?

In most cases you can save upto $2-$3 on breakfast alone. Saving on food means having healthier food, eating at your own time and you will learn how to cook! You will have to work a bit harder than standing in a line and saying "one cheese burger". But look at the benefits. You will be able to save upto $10 everyday on average. Those fast food restaurant receipts add upto a lot.

2.) Choosing the right bank: Your savings need a place to grow or to stay parallel to the inflation rate. You need to find a bank that pays the highest interest on your savings and then put your money in that account. Also known as the "savings account". This will make you save money, and also grow that money even bigger.

3.) Saving on gas/school/work: Buy your children a bike to ride to school. Over time this will save more money than the cost of the bike.

I can personally relate to this example. My son's school was on a bus route, about 1.9 KM away. That is not very far, but it is hard to walk that distance every morning and evening. The bus fare was $2. There are around 280 days of school. So that adds upto $560. Most of his friends took the bus, but I bought

Making money without working

If you want to be a millionaire or a billionaire, then you cannot just work your way up there. You need to have a way to make money without working. But to get there you will need do a lot of work. There are still a lot of ways you can make money without working. Well not a lot but still within your reach and enough for you to make a selection atleast. I have used a numbering system and will give a score out of 10, as to how effective the tip is for making money without working.

Here are a few ways and evaluation of them as to why they are good ways to make money without working.

1.) Website: One time investment. Start a website on something you like, take a few weeks and work on it and then thats it! The rest will be taken care of. The ads will get clicks on them, and every morning you will just need to long in to your ad account to see how much money you made the previous day. Use programs like Adsense, Adbrite, or pay per month ads and you won't even need to update your website.

Rating: 6/10 (Hard work involved when starting)

2.) Stock Market: For people who are smart and can make the correct decisions, they need to get into the stock market. 30% of American Millionaires have gained their wealth through the stock market. All you need to do is have some money, and pick the right stocks which will grow in the long run. Right now is not really the best time to invest in stock market because a recession is slowly taking place, but there are still a lot of stocks that are going up and will continue rising.

Try your stock selections with 'play money' stock market game


* You only need to make an investment and not work. But you can also lose money so be careful!

Rating: 9/10 (Excellent choice for most people)

3.) Investing in someone else's business: If a friend or a neighbour needs some money to start a business, or needs a hand in business because of not enough money, then you can invest in their business and get a little share of the profit. You will again only need some money which could grow into a huge sum. Only do this with trusted people, because you don't want to lose your original investment! I have personally done this with some success, but after a few years the friend didn't need more help, but I still ended up with a decent profit.

Rating: 7.5/10 (Too many chances of being scammed)

4.) Lottery: No work at all, just pay $2 to the cashier and buy a lottery.

It can turn into $40 million dollars for no work at all! But there is a "little" drawback, which is that on average your odds of winning are also 1 in 40 million, so this is a good way of losing $2 every week but not making anything, unless of course you are that 1 in 40 million who wins.

Rating: 3/10 (Don't fall for it, lotteries are a scam, but still a way to make money without working).

5.) Foreign Exchange: Similar to stock market, but you will be investing in currencies rather than stocks. This could be as profitable as the stock market. You just invest in a currency which will grow the most according to you. You can make a selection between foreign exchange or stocks or invest in both according to preference.

Rating: 8/10 (Good choice, but be prepared to lose some money in the beginning)

6.) Rich spouse: Marry a rich person and let them share their wealth with you! No work at all involved, but you will need to be happy with your spouse, since you will have to spend the rest of your life with him/her.

Rating: 5/10 (Don't ruin other people's lives for your sake)

7.) Savings Account: Saving money isn't too much work. Save money and put in mutual funds or in a high interest paying savings account, and watch your money grow big!

Rating: 9/10 (Excellent Choice for most people)

Remember that most rich people did not work all that hard to get rich, except in a few cases. They were smart with their money, not hardworkers.

As in all cases, you will already need a good amount of money to make money without working, so start saving if you want to follow the tips!

Why own your own business?

Owning your own business remains a dream for most people. What attracts many people is the ability to grow, making big bucks, and being your own boss. It can be rewarding, challenging, harsh, or result in a bankruptcy.

Since this article is about the most rewarding part of owning your own business. The most rewarding part is being your own boss.

You have no one to scream at you, tell you what to do or lead you around. When you are doing business it is all about making good decisions, and the downfall of the business or the success of the business depends on you. You are the sole owner and you are to blame yourself for all mistakes.

When you work under someone, you can easily be blamed for something that you didn't do, but in business you know that you are responsible for everything. When you hire people, you decide when and where they will come. This makes many people feel good about themselves, that they are leading someone and not following someone.

When you are the owner of business, the respect that comes form it also worth being called a reward. For example, law firms or stockbrokers usually have their own name in front of their business name. When people come to you for help, they already know your name, and if they like your service, they will recommend you.

While working under someone else this doesn't happen. You won't get recommended, but your company will. You are working as with the company, not as the "company". The fame, the profits will go right in your company's profits from where you will get a fixed percentage not Dependant on the amount of profit. You are working on a fixed salary and even if the company makes more money because of you; you are still getting paid the same.

But when you have your own company, you will get rewarded for your own work. If you work better and faster then you will gain more profit. There is no fixed amount of money that you will make, which gives you the ability to make a lot of money depending on your productivity.

What about your own hours? When you have a job, you have your own timings. Some people are night owl, which means that they work at their full potential only during nigh time. But most offices open at 9 and close at 5 P.M., which leaves you almost no choices except security guard or police officer. In addition you can only work 9-5. Some people can work for a long time and have the potential to achieve a lot more by working more hours.

Unfortunately, there are not many jobs offering more than 8 hours of work everyday, even if you have the ability to work that long. But with your own business you can choose to work 20 hours a day when the profits aren't that high. You can work at night, choose your own hours and work as long as you like.

If you are making enough money in a few hours, you can enjoy the rest of the time or work more to make more money. It is a pain for many people to wake up early in the morning or work till late night, but in a business you can choose to start your business at noon rather than early morning.

In conclusion the most rewarding part of owning your business is to be in control of your own life, making your own decisions, and having flexibility.