Friday, November 30, 2007

Be safe from Scams!

Lets be honest! Why would someone let you copy exactly what they did so you can make money? Many money making progams out there can provide some useful tips and information but none help you step-by-step. You basically have to analyze their books and get something useful out of it.

I am going to provide some links which you should read before you decide to purchase the top internet secrets.

1. There are thousands of websites out there trying to sell their money making book, adsense books/videos and other internet marketing techniques. While most of them repeat as much as they can without really helping you get rich some can provide useful tips and tricks if you know what they are talking about....

Rich Jerk Review ( The top most sites giving a review on his products are Rich Jerk's sellers. If he makes millions every year he can also have multiple fake review sites. Here is a review from a person who has nothing to do with him and PLEASE READ IT IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING TO BUY IT!

2. Some good articles on paid surveys scams ( If you don't want to get scammed I recommend the sites I listed in my Paid Surveys column as I have tried them and they don't sell anything)

3. Tips on protecting your credit cards.

4. Internet Fraud Protection article

Hope to find more soon! Yes there is money to be made online and there is lots of it to be made! But there are also lots of scams going online since there is so much money to be made!

Good luck and be safe!

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