Thursday, November 22, 2007

Paid Surveys!

The Paid Online Surveys(Finest Websites)

Are you looking forward to some free extra cash to spare or if you are "hardcore" survey taker you can make more than $500 a week. Many websites(over 500) pay for taking surveys but mostly they either send you spam e-mails advertising their products or send a survey worth $1 in one month. After searching for a while and trying different sites I have found some websites that are above average and for serious survey takers.


Register to these websites and fill out your profile completely to get the most surveys. Remember the key to success is honesty here. If you provide honest answers to all the questions you will get more surveys. For example, some surveys are only for women and others for parents with physically disabled kids. Some are for people with low income, and some for high invome. Some websites have different profile sections like Automobile profile(Information about your automobile, insurance, car insurance, education profile(cost of your eucation, degrees, etc.). Complete all your profiles or they won't even bother sending you a survey. You must complete every single detail which may take a lot of time but in the end it is worth it. You will be making $50-$70 a month and slowly to about $200 a month or more.

One note: You cannot live a life on surveys. Surveys are just a bit of extra cash without any effort since they mostly take 10-20 minutes or less to complete. Don't expect thousands of dollars a month from surveys!!!

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