Thursday, November 22, 2007

Stock Markets/Investing

Stock markets are easier than ever to reach today through internet. Just like you publish a blog by clicking publish you can buy stocks worth thousands of dollars with just a click as well. Stock markets require research, experience, money to invest and the ability to play your money. Good investors are the one that don't feel scared investing an amount. Since the chance of a stock dropping to an absolute value of 0 is extremely rare, the stock market isn't too much of a gamble.

Generally long time investors make the most out of their money because of their foresight ability to see where the stocks go in future. $1 stock today can be worth $50 tomorrow. Just like the Microsoft share! About eight years ago people who invested $30,000 in Microsoft are millionaires today! No kidding. You don't have to invest $30,000. Start small with atleast a $1000 deposit on an online stock broker account and invest it all in no more than 2-3 stocks.

If you really don't know anything about buying stocks or anything about stockbroker, comissions, etc I have done the work for you! I have found a stock simulator which provides $100,000 USD(fake money!!!) to invest and you buy all stocks at the real price, real time, real comission fees only the money invested, earned or lost is virtual or in simple words fake. You can experiment with this stock simulator to see how much you gain or lose and also compare your accounts to other players. It is like a video game only more serious and challenging.

Don't blame me if you make a profit of a million dollars in the game! Any profit you make with the fake money is the profit you would have made with the real money so the stock simulator can make some people mad if they make profits. But look at it in a positive way. If you lose all your hundred thousand dollars you would be glad that it was fake money so if you start making profit I suggest you immediately open a real money account.

Stock simulator link:

Broker firms( Real money accounts) (Comission on trades apply!)

For U.S. citizens:


Other continents continent

The above links are only the websites I have heard about and tried two of them. I have played the stock simulator game in which I made 4k in my first month which told me that I can actually buy stocks! So I made a real money account on (low fees) and (Lower fees than if you buy 1000 or more shares)

I don't want to comment on stocks because I am not a professional and I don't want you to lose money on my advice. So research well, invest smart and be patient!

Good luck and read my other tips about making money on this blog(Scroll down)

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