Thursday, November 22, 2007

How much can I make?

This is one very frequently asked question. So how much can I make? There is only one answer to that question> Depends..... I will state some average money you can make by all methods I stated.

Surveys: $100-$400 once you register to the top sites amd have completed beginning profiles and surveys and visit your email once a day.)

AdSense: AdSense are one of the biggest source of revenue for blogs like mine and also for thousands of other people with free websites(Websites that don't sell products and have no subscription fees). With a high traffic website and AdSense you can make anywhere between $1800-20,000. The range is riduculous because it really depends on how well established your site is, what kind of traffic you are receiving. What age group you attract and the rank of your website on google.

Text link Ads: Depending on how much space you sell about $200-$300 fixed amount every month. You can make $100-$600 a month from trading part time. A full time seller and buyer can make $1000-$2500 a month. It also depends on what trades you get, how many hours you spend buyung/selling etc.

Well I did not really answer the question How much you can make? because there really isn't a answer. If you follow my blog guidelines and spend time you will definitely be making $1000 a month atleast.

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