Sunday, September 21, 2008

Beware of Cyber Crime

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There is a lot of money to be made online. With programs such as Adsense, blogger, wordpress; websites are just a click away. People have great opportunities to learn about the online world and make money from advertising, etc. But any place where millions of dollars float around; there will always be scams and criminals ready to take every single dollar out of the system to use for services such as a crime network.

A few years ago there was a website recruiting terrorists. A website which was not ranked on search engines; which meant it could only be accessed if anyone knew the exact address was or someone guessed the right URL. The news channel did not release the name of the website, but did inform the public that there were chat rooms, special e-mail application only for the people part of the website. This is an example of a high-level cyber crime, which attracts and targets innocent teens to be part of a terrorism group and chat with people who kill hundreds everyday.

Child pornography is another criminal activity which mainly started due to the chat rooms and the easy access criminals have to everyone's e-mail address including young children. This type of crime became easy because of the network that internet has created. Even now you can go to any chat room and expect to find people who are willing to give you their address, phone number, and even set a place and time to meet a person they have never seen. Most young children are naive and get trapped in these situations and think they are actually going to meet nice people, but end up in videos all over the internet.

Cyber crime is everywhere. There is a black market for almost every p2p game you can think of. People were selling fake game money for real money, scamming young kids of their accounts and selling them for a higher price. One such game my son played had a black market, where people were giving out telephone pins for membership. They were charging "one million game coins" per pin. Most people doing this were well below the age of 21, and they didn't think anything was wrong with selling other people's phone numbers for $7/month membership.

Think about it; if young teens have their black markets, then how many more black markets must be existing for the trade of drugs, credit card numbers, terrorism, pornography and anything illegal that can be thought of? E-bay was recently sued for the sale of fake brands. This is another common cyber crime. In the real world your shop would get closed and you would get a hefty fine for this, but online the only thing that will happen is your account will be suspended; meaning that you can create another account and get back in business.

Many people don't even consider sale of fake products a huge crime. There are bigger crimes that need to be solved, and compared to that the sale of fake brands and black markets for video games are nothing. It really is unfortunate that black markets and scams have become so common that people don't consider these activities as crime and rather a small scale scam where the seller is only making a couple hundred dollars, and this is exactly the reason that cyber crime isn't stopping.

Another reason why cyber crime is so popular is because of the lack of censorship. Internet does not get censored all that much. How many websites can government officials scan? There are more than six billion web pages, and that is equal to the number of people living in this world! People can easily get away with fake identity cards. I myself have not given proper information in some e-mails addresses, and how exactly will the police catch me doing something wrong? The only way is to track ip which is considered to be loss of identity. The police itself are helpless due to the privacy laws.

The above are examples and reasons of cyber crime. The only way we can stop cyber crime is to report it as much as possible. Do not hesitate in contacting the police if you see some illegal activity going on. Do not look over websites that are scams; report them or e-mail the website host to remove the website. Work with the government. I would rather give the government my personal identity than giving it to some criminals who would use it for illegal purposes.

In conclusion, cyber crime is a crime done on the internet through a network. It has become one of the most popular types of crimes and is hard to detect. We as citizens of the internet world are responsible to report such sites and stop these crimes from happening.

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