Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How to save money on gas

Gasoline prices have skyrocketed in past few months. The prices have gone so high that it has become a political issue about who will provide better gas prices.

Saving money gas has become more important than before. This time it is about saving thousands of dollars per year, not just a few dollars. Now you have to add gasoline to your monthly budget, if you are planning to use it for work or other activities.

But there are many ways to save on gas. If you take a closer look at the number of alternatives available; there are actually a lot of them. One of the fundamentals rules to save money on gas is to use less of it. The idea is simple and easy to follow. Here is how you can save on gas and therefore on money.

1.) Walk the short distances: If the grocery store is only a mile away, it won't hurt to walk all the way there. It will be a good exercise for you and save a lot of gas. One of the biggest reasons why someone uses a car is for grocery shopping. A car requires gas, and if you don't use the car you won't use the gas and save money.

To buy small items like bread, eggs, or some fruits don't waste gas. You are not only saving your own money by walking, but also protecting the environment from global warming. There are other short distances that people use their car for like going to a friend's house, shopping, or just going for a ride.

2.) Ride a bike for long distances: Bikes can easily cover 5-7 miles without making you tired. You can buy a solid expensive bike with gears and latest technology and still end up in profit after saving all the gas. Use your bike to go to work, school, or grocery.

Bike is again good for health and can be used for longer distances. Instead of walking with grocery, you can use the bike storage box and put groceries inside it making it easier for you. Buy your kids a bike for going to school or other places. Buying a bike is must for everyone who doesn't live far away from a mall.

3.) Use public Transit: For long distances public transit can be cheaper than a car and again you will be doing well for the environment. Whenever you save on gas, you protect the environment which means you always gain and never lose. A bus can usually carry around fifty people and be used to travel distances up to 100 miles.

For some people it is hard to take their bike to work, or do grocery shopping on a bike. I can understand their problem. Especially in a city everything is located far away and a car is must for most people. But don't get disappointed, you can still save a lot on gas by following these tips:

1.) Turn your air conditioner or heater off whenever you can
2.) Make sure you get your engine updated often.
3.) Buy a car with high mileage, meaning it can run a lot of kilometers without using too much gas.
4.) Avoid buying heavy duty trucks, since they use a lot more gas.
5.) Buy a 10 seater if you have a big family.

A car isn't the only place where you need gas. What about gas stove, gas washing machines and dishwashers? The only way to save on gas on electronics is to use it less. Make sure you have the newest gas technology which requires less gas to run the electronic.

Make sure you don't over use your washing machine or gas stove.

Hopefully, by now you have understood that saving money on gas is not that hard after all. Start now and your money will pile up soon. You can put the money in a savings account and make it grow bigger rather than blowing it on gas.

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