Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Improving Self-Confidence Skills

This is another Personal Development Article. You might be wondering what personal development has to do with making money. It actually has a lot to do with your personal ability to achieve success. Without confidence you will not be able to make money online or in the real world.

We all know that self-confidence is a skill that one must have to reach the top. Confidence is something that would separate losers from the winners. A confident person will never give up and keep trying whereas the less confident person would give up and blame their own luck.

Confidence is not genetic. The process of gaining confidence starts at a very young age. When we get encouraged to keep trying to walk and we finally learn it or when we get good grades and see the smile on our parents face which we want to see again and again.

Most children that have self confidence are the ones that get good grades and understand everything at school. The parents of such children always believe in them and tell them to do better or comments like "you can do better" help build confidence.

For children improving confidence is easier than it is with adults because adults understand that comments like "You can do better or "Try Again" are made to encourage kids and not for adults. That is why many adults end up having low confidence and consider themselves below average.

Self-confidence can be gained by doing many activities. (Steps in gaining self-confidence

1. One of the most common things that holds people back from being confident is physical appearance. It is what we appear to the whole world as. Our physical body and our face is what people see because no one can read our brains or look deep into our hearts, which is why gaining confidence requires a good appearance.

- Go to gym regularly, eat healthy foods, apply lotions to dry skin, etc.

2. Improving Communication- When you talk to someone, you can almost instantly tell if the person is educated or not. That is why having communication skills is important, because it will lead to higher confidence level.

- Improve communication skills by talking on phone with employees, calling the news channel to share opinions on the latest issues. Read and increase your vocabulary. Working part-time in a call center will also help in building communication skills.

3. Believe in yourself- There is a huge psychological factor behind confidence. You need to believe that you are the best, and that even sky isn't the limit. Life is like journey where the destination is death. Which means you will never reach point in life from where you cannot go further. Keep trying and believe that you can do even better because only then you will be able to.

People that have confidence generally have good communication skills, happy with their physical appearance and believe in themselves

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