Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Online business ideas ( From home)

What could you possibly do as an online business? There are many possibilities and types of businesses that you can do sitting in the comfort of your own home. However, some businesses just cannot exist online, so your options are less than real world business ideas.

Similarly, there are businesses that only exist online, and therefore you can only do them online and no where else. When you are working online, you are mostly working from home, so we can apply the home based idea to almost all online businesses.

One such business is creating a website. It costs a few dollars; in fact you can start right now with a blog for free at Choosing between a website and a blog depends on the topic you want to choose and what information you want to provide. A blog can usually be about your personal life and does not contain forums. For most people a website is more ideal, since it will provide more features and business ideas. There are many sites which are making millions of dollars in ad revenue.

But how will you make money from a blog and a website? Before creating a blog you need to select a topic you will be writing about, and you should enjoy writing to make good money. Once you have a good blog with informative content then you need to put ads on it to make the money. Google offers Google Ad sense which is a free ad program and if someone clicks the ads you will get paid a few cents or even a few dollars depending on how much the click was worth. It's simple, easy, and free.

Once you have adsense set up, then you are ready to popularize your blog. This can be done by placing a link under your profile on applications such as facebook, Orkut, online forums or your friend's blog.

Another online business is to sell someone else's products through your website and get commission for that. This is what affiliates do. You are basically an affiliate for a company and you advertise their products.

For example if your website is about cars, then you can very well sell cars through your website. You can do this by listing some cars for sale on another website. You will usually get paid per sale.

One benefit of being an affiliate is that you can also use ads as another source of revenue side by side. You will be making money from ads and selling products. This is why this type of business is successful. Best of all it costs only a few hundred dollars to set up, but requires a lot of time and you must have a popular website.

A huge drawback of owning a website is that you need to take it to the top, or have at least 5000-10000 visitors per month to get offers for being an affiliate. In addition you have to spend a lot of time before you can even make your first hundred dollars.

Once you get started, the money will flow in without much effort and you will get rewarded for the work you have put in it; but it does take a long time to get there. I myself have a blog which has earned around $70 and since I have only spent a few hours, it actually turned out to be a decent hourly rate. I am also an affiliate for a few sites and have managed to make couple hundred dollars, but I am not a full time businessman.

These are some of the home based businesses which require very little investment but lots of time! If you are planning to own a website and a business online, then you should first try out with a blog, or free website, and play around with layouts.

Knowledge about Java and other programming languages is also essential to save time by using automatic features. Remember not to quit your job right away in hopes of becoming a successful businessman online. You should start your business with a job on side and then slowly decide whether it is worth to quit your job.

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