Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Do you really want to work from home?

The first question you have to ask yourself is "Do you want to work at home?". In today's world it is not a big deal to work from home. Although most people work in offices, factories or industries many work from home as well.

There are some pros and cons of home based business, and hopefully after reading this article you will understand some drawbacks and some pros of owning a home-based business.

First of all what is a homebased business? It is a business that can be done at home, mainly using computer, laptop or telephone. Home-based doesn't mean just internet business. There are other types of home businesses which many people are not aware of. Some common ones are:

- Home based Insurance Business
- Legal Advisor Home Business
- Personal Tutoring Business
- Internet website managing
- E-market business
- Trading business

If you want a home-based business, you have to realize that you are not an "average" worker. An average worker makes $12/hr and works from 9-5. In a home based business you will have to choose your own timings. Since it is at home you will generally be spending more time than an average worker.

Pros and cons of home-business are.

Pros: 1.) Low costs (No renting expenses, no tax deduction, no travel expense
2.) Family Life: Stay at home with kids (No childcare expense)
3.) Flexibility: You choose your hours, when you want to work.
4.) Sole-Proprietorship: You are the owner, no more listening to the boss.

These were some of the cons. You need to see and evaluate whether these pros are the pros you were looking for. And if you were looking for 3/4 of these then you should consider opening your own business. But nothing in this world is perfect and that is why there are some negative sides to home-business as well.

Cons: 1) Limited Options: You cannot open a lot of business through home( No restaurant business, hotel business, Sales and Retail Business.)

2) Non-Flexible: Sometimes you will have to work the whole day to make the profit and might not find time to spend with family/

3) Hard to focus: Difficult to focus with kids around which could make you lose a lot clients.

4) Loneliness: Not being able to make friends, working alone for a long time could be less motivational and boring.

Evaluate these pros and cons and decide whether you would able to cope up with the cons and whether you were looking for the pros that home businesses offer. There are a lot of opportunities to work from home. You just have to try to find the best that suits yourself. Some people like to work outside and some like to have independence.

Should you open a business is up to you. Me or any other article writers cannot force you because this business involves risk, ability to do business, management skills, etc and your personal satisfaction in what you want to do

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