Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Introduction to Blogs

Blogs are multiplying at a fast rate. Thousands of blogs are created everyday and lots of people out there are making money off a simple page of information which requires a few dollars or mostly absolutely no investment.

It is even better than a lottery ticket. You don't spend a penny but you might end up being a millionaire, but there are higher odds in blogs to make at least a little amount of money.

Money shouldn't be the first goal for a fairly new blogger and since this article is an introduction to blogs, I am assuming most of you reading are fairly new to the concept of blogs and making money without investing any.

Steps for a new blogger to quickly set up a blog and start posting!

- Visit
- Create a Gmail account (If you don't already have one)
- Use the same id to create a blogger account
- Choose a template and start posting anything you like except gambling related content
adult stuff(xxx)

Once you have a blog set up, next thing is adding content to it. Write about anything that you would not be bored writing about. I don't get bored writing about cricket, poker and blogging itself on my blogs and that is why my blogs get a lot of appreciation because my writing doesn't seem boring and you should do the same thing with the topic you love.

Types of blogs:

Personal( For your profile, making online friends, sharing personal goals etc.

Business: Advertising/selling products as an affiliate for a product

Random: Any topics basically that you know a lot about and want to write about.

If you write about Biology when you know nothing about it, people are generally not going to visit your blog again when there are thousands of blogs out there giving more information. There has to be something unique about your blog.

Quick steps to make your blog above average:

- Be creative( Don't copy or paste because it is your personal blog which should contain information that you know)

- Choose a good topic ( Choose something that will also interest others to read about. Lets say you love writing about your school friends and books. You should choose books because people reading won't know who your friends are and would be bored quickly)

- Quantity vs Quality information ( You should write quality information which means don't spam your blog with the same thing over and over again and also write a good quantity of work which means you have enough information for people to read about.

Use the above tips when making your first blog.

Then you need traffic to your blog. You aren't just going to create a blog to get read it yourself because you can do that on MS-Word. You create blog for others so you need to get others to see your blog.

Ways to increase traffic:

- Signature Promotion: Join forums about blog communities, Facebook and use your blog name as a signature under your profile.

- Linking: Tell anyone with the same type of blog as you to add a link to your blog for more information and you do the same thing for their blog. (This gives a higher Google search rank)

- Advertising on Google. Create an Adwords account on Google and start posting ads on Google about your blog if you are selling products. This gets a lot of targeted audience since Google Ads are shown only when specific word is typed. (Use advertising only if you are selling products.

So you have your blogs set up and everything running. You need a way to make money now. Everyone deserves couple hundred dollars for providing useful information. To do that create a Google Adsense account and use the same e-mail has the e-mail. Once you have it set up put Google ads on your blog. When someone clicks you get paid from anywhere between 2-70 cents. Which sounds like a low amount but if you get 100 visitors and get 5 clicks it can convert into $3.50. That is for a very low traffic range, but when you start getting more and more traffic the profit keeps rising and you won't have to put much effort.

You are making money while you are having fun creating a blog of your own. Before ending this article, here are some last things to make a note of

- Keep adding information regularly so you can get permanent traffic.
- Keep promoting your blog through the traffic tips stated above.
- Write about what you know and would love to write about.
- Don't click on your own ads as this will get you banned.
- After your blog gains popularity switch to another form of advertisement which will make you more money.

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