Thursday, March 12, 2015

Low self-esteemed people are found to be more realistic

I was reading a great research on why people with low self-esteem tend to be more realistic about business goals and life in general and end up achieving a lot more than this. I guess the term over-achiever to impress everyone around us would be beneficial when you are trying to become street smart and make money. So, don't worry low self-esteemed people,  you are doing a lot better than you can comprehend.

Blog worth calculator

This blog is worth $0.16 according to blog worth calculator. The real value of this blog is not in money, but what everyone learns from here and then uses it in their real life. How much value it adds to your life is more important than the dollar value of this blog. Yes, the advertising revenue would help if it was higher than $0.00, but originally I didn't start writing for money, but for pleasure.

And since the intention was just pleasure of putting my opinions out there for people to criticize, evaluate and learn from is what this is all about. I personally need to learn a lot as well from everyone who visits these pages. 

Power of knowledgeable books

Just a one liner quote, or a positive article, or a divinely inspired message can change your life perspective in a few seconds. I believe your life perspective can change easily, but it takes longer to change your life and implement your new perspective. This is the power of knowledgeable books and applying them.

So, make sure to get a lot of knowledge before you hit the grave, because you don't want to miss out on some great pieces of advice by some of the finest human beings to live on this planet. Take care and stay blessed.

Online casino bonus scam

If you deposit $50 into some casinos with a bonus code, there are terms and conditions that you can only withdraw after you have received bonus scam. This is a huge scam online casinos use because most people don't read terms and conditions to every detail. You have to do around 5,000 spins or 500 spins depending on bonus conditions, and whoever came out a winner after that many spins?

I suggest spend that $50 on a nice restaurant.