Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Guidelines to play poker

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Texas Hold'em's popularity has exploded in the past few years. Over 200 poker websites which offer tons of freerolls and bonuses for just a deposit! Since the game as exploded there are a lot of new players trying to play and make the money like the pros do on TV.

Well only 0.5% of the people actually end up becoming TV pros, but you don't have to be a pro, you just have to be a good player and be the best on the table you play.

The first place to start will be an online website like:


These websites offer 1,000 play money dollars and when you are learning it is better to lose play money rather than losing real money and finding yourself bankrupt in the process of learning.

Okay so now you have an account set up and play money and you learn the game and deposit money.

Now lets go to the tips:

1. Premium Hands: When creating a solid bankroll you must only play good preflop hands. Trow garbage hands like Q5 and avoid face cards with low kickers. Many new players like to play any king, any ace or any queen or jack only to find out that their opponent has a higher kicker.
This strategy is one of the easiest strategies to win money but it is too simple for some wannabe pros. If you want to win poker you have to reduce the amounts of hands because genrally you might hit a medium pair or low pair and get nothing but a bad beat if you play bad hands. Good hands to start off in a cash table: AAem can teach you the importance of premium hands because it is hard to bluff in them. Omaha can teach you more about draws and 5-card draw will improve your flop reading and make you an analytical player rather than aluck chaser.

6. Record your progress:If you suddenly start making money on consistent basis then record them in a personal diary and record some hands that you won huge with or lost huge with to not repeat your mistakes.

7. Variations in play: Make sure you don't follow a strict rule for any hand. For example betting $5 with AA every single time you have it. Your bets are supposed to be based on your hands and your position instead of a fixed value. You should change your play, make some different kinds of moves and analyze the results you get from it because it will help you a lot to figure out what kind of moves pay off the most or pay too little.

Strategies to trap opponents:

Check-raise: You check a monster hand until your opponents bet and you re raise them so they have no other option other than folding or calling. (only used with best hands or for a buff)

Check-call: This strategy should only be used if you are going for a draw or you want to show weakness.

Bet/Follow bet: You keep betting until your opponent folds. Should be used with medium hands, and bluffing.

Reraise: Only done with a good hand.

These strategies will help you imrpove your game and make you money.

Hope to see you at the tables soon!

Good luck!

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