Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Job versus Business

It is a tough decision for anyone to figure out if a business is better than job. Many people consider a business to be more of a gamble, whereas a job is considered to be secure and better in the long-run.

In this blog you will find opportunities to earn money through jobs such as writing, taking surveys and through business by creating websites, selling on e-bay, becoming an affiliate, etc.

Jobs Versus Business

* Boss: If you can't stand working under someone, then jobs are not for you. Jobs do not offer freedom the way business does and you will always be working under someone, which some people refer to as being a good pet.

* Flexibility: You can choose your own timings. This might sound like an amazing benefit of owning your own business, but isn't. You cannot have a successful business, if you choose to get up late in the afternoon and work for a few hours. In the beginning you will need to work more than you do in a job and continue to do so until you reach the peak then you can reduce timings. In terms of flexbility, business actually requires more time.

* Growth: This is one the biggest benefits of having your business. In a job you cannot grow and are stuck at a salary range which is usually between 40-70k/year. Many businesses are making millions of dollars per month and businessmen like Bill Gates making billions. When you are working under someone you cannot surpass their income. So if you are working under Bill Gates, he will be the ultimate profit maker and you will get a small percentage of it.

These are some comparisons between a job. If you love the ability to grow, flexibility, freedom of being your own boss then go ahead and give your dream one shot. Always go for your dreams. Even if you don't succeed atleast you know that you tried and who knows you might be the next Bill Gates.

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