Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Traits of Successful Websites

All good and solid websites have things in common. If an average person wants to make their site above average then they will just need to follow the good websites layouts and the things that all those sites share in common. In this article some examples of websites will be given and the traits that make them and other sites successful.

Common traits include-

Clarity of information (Organization) : Writing gibrish certainly doesn't help attract more people. Look at Google for example. It is so easy to search because there is only one search bar and sub sections above it which are printed in another colour and GOOGLE written so clearly that even a 7 year old can figure out what to do. Just simple and easy to use. That is why it is rated the best site and the richest.

Organization of the information is important. Many websites give lots of information but it seems like too much to read and people are generally lazy to read long paragraphs on the computer. They need quick to navigate and easy to understand content and that is why sites like Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia are so popular because they organize the information in an easy and time saving way. Lets take a look at Yahoo now. Instead of all the information on the same page, they use the main page for interesting news titles such as "Discover the secrets of millionaires" which attracts people to look around the site since the main title is so clear and interesting. On the left there are sub categories for Horoscopes, chat, Yahoo Answers, etc. People just get hooked to these sites like a drug because of the time it saves.

Quality Information: Now lets move to content related websites such as Wikipedia. The popular sites with lot of content need to be extra careful with the quality of information. Online it certainly helps more if you have Quality information rather than quantity because of the types of people looking at sites. Most visitors to Wikipedia are Elementary-High school students looking for project related information and they won't be interested in reading a lot, but if anyone does want to read more Wikipedia uses sub categories to divide the topic into pieces of information. Quality information never has spelling mistakes. If you make spelling mistakes on your site there is no way you will ever reach above average website. Quality is important because students would look for something to the point and that is why using sub categories helps the site increase traffic and profits and spelling mistakes just makes it unprofessional. Ask yourself if you would like to be a permanent visitor toa site where every other word is mis spelled.

Eye pleasing Layout: The layout of the site is the first thing that determines whether the visitor will stay or just go to another website. Again people try to be too fancy with the layout. You just need a simple eye pleasing layout. The colours of the ads should blend in with the text colour of the content (Assuming you have ads on your site). Nothing should seem out of place. Sub Categories need to be different colour but still look like part of a website. For an example of ad blended with the content visit this blog www.onlineblogging4money.blogspot.com and see how the content is blended in with the ads and the layout is eye pleasing. For other examples look at sites like google, yahoo, ebay, etc.

Contests: Many sites, especially forum containing sites use competitons as a way of attracting more visitors. Person with the most posts gets a small reward for contributing to the forum society. A good site will always have something for the visitors that makes visitors of the users feel like a part of the site because they would be participating in the site contesnts. Contests help drive more traffic and make the site look more " unselfish" where the owner isn't the only one raking in all the profits. For an example look at Adsense Forums.

Contact Information: If the visitors are not able to find what they were looking for, or just need to ask something related to the site, the contact information should always be ready on the website. Many successful sites have Contact Us Button which will link to the email immediately and the visitor can send the email by just clicking the button. Visitors feel nice when they find that they are being taken care of and can ask questions related to their problems. Contact Information also shows that the site isn't just some random site but it is owned by highly professional and caring people. Use sites such as richjerk website who has sold over 6 million books because of the website content and enganging with customers in regular conversations.

Some sites will even have Live Support which will also make the visitors come back again again to ask any questions.

These simple yet hard to follow tips will help any person thinking about creating a website make the most out of their website.

Conclusion Summary:

- Good layout
- Quality Information
- Contact Information
- Easy to understand Language
- Targeted right towards the topic in discussion
- Ads shouldn't look like Advertisements.

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