Saturday, August 16, 2008

Paid survey sites for Non-U.S. residents

Are you looking forward to some extra cash? If you are a serious survey taker then you can get hundreds of dollars per month in just a few hours! It doesn't matter if you are not a U.S. citizen because you are still a human that has personal opinions and thats all that matters. Here is a list of sites that accept all U.S. and non U.S. citizens from around the globe.

Many sites send spam or advertisments as a form of survey taking, but these sites have been tested by me and I regularly get surveys so I am sure that you will not get disappointed, and also I am not a U.S. citizen which is why this makes sense. You are not going to become a millionaire, but you can use it to voice your opinions and get couple extra bucks per month which slowly add up to thousands. The field of surveys is growin too which means that there are chances that in the future you will get more surveys than you get right now.

The Paid Online Surveys sites list (Non U.S. citizens)


Register to these websites and fill out your profile completely to get the most surveys. Remember the key to success is honesty here. If you provide honest answers to all the questions you will get more surveys.

For example, some surveys are only for women and others for parents with physically disabled kids. Some websites have different profile sections like Automobile profile(Information about your automobile, insurance, car insurance, education profile(cost of your eucation, degrees, etc.). Complete all your profiles or they won't even bother sending you a survey. You must complete every single detail which may take a lot of time but in the end it is worth it. It takes time to fill your complete profile, but it does give benefit. Since the company will know a lot about you, they will know which surveys to send to you.

Lets say that you don't fill your insurance information, then you will not get an insurance related survey.

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