Monday, August 25, 2008

Join Metacafe to earn money

Since the popularity of youtube, there are many sites trying to come up with the youtube idea and become a billion dollar site. When a site gets bought for more than a billion dollars, it definitely has a future and that is what others try to do.

One such site known as Metacafe is an identical twin of YouTube. One huge difference which is attracting a lot of money makers/video makers is that Metacafe allows you to earn money on videos. YouTube doesn't give a penny for your videos and the only way you can make money on YouTube is by advertising something on your website.

Metacafe is different. It pays $5/1000 views, but the payment only starts as you reach 20k views. But you also get paid for those 20k views which equals $100. I know this is not a lot of money for 20,000 views, but still better than getting nothing. Imagine if you could get a million views on a video, and a million view video has become common on YouTube. If it is common YouTube is will surely be common on MetaCafe, really soon.

If you are good at marketing videos and can make interesting titles and videos, then go ahead and join MetaCafe to prove your videomaker skills. Here is a direct link to join MetaCafe:

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