Friday, August 22, 2008

Opportunities in Poker

Some of you might know already that poker has become a multi-billion dollar industry in just a few years following the win of "Chris Moneymaker", an average Joe who made millions of dollars winning a WSOP title aka World Series Of Poker.

He managed to make millions, but his profit is nothing compared to the profit that the poker sites, poker affiliates and the poker tools have made in the past few years.

Your opportunity to make money in poker has also increased, due to the high number of players literally donating their money. Now I know that many people are against gambling and if you are one of them, then you can surely skip this tip and look at other wonderful money making tips around the blog.

But for people who are good at reading people, odds, probability, poker is the right job for you. There are a lot of bonuses out there and sites are literally giving you free money to start playing poker.

One such site also advertises on my blog and offers free money, check it out before opening an account. Use some of these sites to improve and remember to play with fake money first to learn or you will go broke really fast.

* The best study source is videos. Basically you watch a professional play with his hole cards opened and you see what they and why they do it. Some free sources are:

- : Awesome training videos absolutely free.

- Flop Turn River Videos: A library of around 30 videos which are offered so that you will buy more, but still the free ones are very useful

* /playing_headsup_poker_basic_strategy.html?cat=61

The above link is my own creation on Associated Content, a website which I have reviewed as a scam, but this is the only article I have there and the last one.

* Get the following books

- Theory of Poker
- NL theory and practice

If you want to take your poker career further, I suggest you join card runners at which is the most expensive and the best videos out there. They are only worth buying if you already have made it to low stakes from micro.

Good luck on your poker career!

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